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Research & Audits
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Assets
Voice, Tone & Messaging
Ad Creative
Campaign Concept
Campaign Strategy
Campaign Execution
Social Media Management

We embarked on a comprehensive project for “Buy Local Creston Valley,” a movement dedicated to promoting the vibrancy and diversity of local businesses within the Creston Valley region. The project is currently a collaboration between Hello Agency, the Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce and Columbia Basin Trust, spanning several critical areas of marketing and branding, each to echo the essence of the Creston Valley and its community of businesses.

Beginning with Research & Audits, Hello Agency conducted an in-depth analysis to understand the local market dynamics, consumer behaviour, and the unique value propositions of the Creston Valley businesses. This foundational step ensured that every subsequent strategy was data-driven and aligned with the goals of enhancing local commerce.

Developing a robust Brand Identity and Brand Assets further solidified the visual and conceptual elements of the brand, ensuring consistency across all platforms. This was complemented by print materials and Voice, Tone, & Messaging guidelines that conveyed the brand’s ethos in a compelling and relatable manner.

Website development and photography were undertaken with the aim of showcasing the local businesses, the township and the beauty and diversity of the Creston Valley, providing a digital platform that reflects the quality and spirit of the local businesses. This was further amplified through creative ad creative and a holistic campaign concept that captivated the target audience.

Hello Agency’s expertise in campaign strategy and campaign execution ensured that the marketing efforts were not only creative but also strategic and results-oriented. This approach maximized visibility and engagement, driving support for local businesses.

Our “Come Along with Me” Campaign, headed by Sarah Duman of Kootenay Design Company and Amy Hotchkiss, was a pivotal success in the campaign, having a short-form video with a voiceover showcasing and interviewing the local business owners and their businesses.

Social Media Management played a crucial role in creating ongoing engagement with the community, leveraging platforms to tell the stories of local businesses, share updates, and foster a community of supporters.

With our head office in Canada being located in the Creston Valley, we at Hello Agency care deeply about the area in which we live and play, as well as the people who make the valley what it is. This allowed us to highlight the unique offerings of the Creston Valley that only a local could see and discover to showcase to the broader communities and tourists alike. At Hello Agency, we hope to promote regional commerce, strengthen the community’s economy and social fabric, and showcase the potential of professional marketing to transform the local business landscape.

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