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for Sleepy Tots




Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
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Voice, Tone & Messaging

Understanding sleep-deprived parents’ unique challenges, Hello Agency meticulously crafted a comprehensive brand experience for Sleepy Tots, aiming to create a nurturing and trustworthy image.

This multifaceted strategy included developing a robust brand strategy, brand identity, and brand assets tailored to resonate with tired parents and caregivers of children from newborn to 6 years of age.

We began by deeply understanding Sleepy Tots’ mission and the needs of its audience, focusing on providing gentle sleep support for families. This insight led to a strategy to position Sleepy Tots as a compassionate ally in the journey toward better sleep for children and, consequently, more rest for parents.

Using this, we crafted a brand identity reflecting warmth, reliability, and gentleness—key traits that appeal to exhausted parents seeking solutions. This identity was visually represented through soothing colours, soft typography, and imagery that evoked peacefulness and comfort, ensuring every touchpoint conveyed empathy and understanding.

To ensure consistency across all platforms, a suite of brand assets, including logos, imagery, and design templates, were created to embody the brand’s essence. These assets were designed to be versatile while maintaining a cohesive look and feel that reinforces the brand’s identity.

When we recognized the importance of communication, working with Sleepy Tots, we established a supportive, informative, and empathetic brand voice and messaging framework. This approach ensures all communications, from marketing materials to customer service interactions, resonate with and reassure the brand’s target audience.

We designed the Sleepy Tots website and e-commerce store to offer an intuitive, comforting online experience. The website navigation was kept simple to provide tired parents clear and quick access to sleep support packages, tips, and products, all while maintaining an engaging and supportive tone.

Our comprehensive approach to developing Sleepy Tots’ brand strategy, identity, assets, voice, tone, messaging, website, and e-commerce platform fostered a nurturing and trustworthy image. This carefully curated brand experience addresses the immediate needs of sleep-deprived parents and builds a lasting relationship based on understanding, support, and trust.

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